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  • Why you should book your safari with Binti Safaris
  • Hallmarks of Binti Safaris
  • Vision, mission, values and objectives of Binti Safaris
  • Binti Safaris Team
  • Why the name ‘Binti’

Why you should book your safari with Binti Safaris


Binti Safaris is a chic company, an all-ladies managed Tour Operatorthat is Kenyan owned and specialized in offeringhigh end, luxurious and exclusive tailor made safaris to East & Southern Africa.


At Binti Safaris, we seek to understand your ‘safari wishlist’, really know; what is your ‘dream safari’ and work together with you to give youa memorable tour. This of course is determined by; budget, duration, locations to be visited and many other factors. Now that’s where we come in, as experienced travel consultant, we call you, listen and guide you because we believe each guest’s needs are totally different.

To make your gateway memorable, we dare you to trust the instincts and product knowledge of the Binti Safaris’ ladies. The lodges we use are small intimate camps that are luxurious, charming and set in ‘WOW’ dramatic sceneries. The accommodations also take a few number of guests therefore giving personal attention to each guest. In these camps, enjoy exclusivity, an intimate experience am sure you are looking for. We are also keen to offer special safaris; walking safaris, camel safaris, horse riding safaris, balloon safaris, fishing safaris, Primate safaris, ……. The ladies at Binti Safaris are ready to give you a lifetime experience in Africa!

At Binti Safaris, the all-girls team offersyou a superior and exclusive product, some of the services you enjoy while travelling with us to Africa include;


  • Pre safari
    • Personalized travel services; from the time you send us your first inquiry or while travelling with us, you are assured to receive quickest and immediate attention to any request. During our first interaction, we call you and get your safari wishlist right from the start.
    • Immediate response; in all our interactions with you, we maintain a 24 hour email response and 24 hour call back time.
    • Tailor made safaris; All our trips are tailor-made to fit into your travel needs. We aim to help you to make the right decisions about your journey to Africa, and then to organize a trip that suits you perfectly. We believe that every one of our guests is unique in his or her interests and of their expectations of a trip to Africa.
    • Fairest deals; our presence in Africa, eliminates all middle men, as we get our rates directly from the lodges owners and deal with you directly, so no margins ………. no add on’s.
    • Special discounts; we receive special deals and discounts from all our partners throughout the year. As our prices are not on catalogues but rather priced on request, we are able to extend to you various special discounts that we receive from our partners, at any time.
    • Safe online booking;like most of our guests  who wish to pay using their credit card, you can also make your online payments on our website. These are the features of our credit card payment system;
      • Uses a very secure credit card payment systemswhich authenticates user transactions originating from our website.
      • uses end-to-end SSL + HTTPS encryption to authenticate transactions originating from the our web site
      • It’svery  safe. Our Partners  maintain a backed up record of all our financial and contact information regarding all transactions on their websites.
      • We do NOT store card transaction details at any point before, during or after a transaction.
  • During your safari
    • Meet & greet with a farewell dinner; upon your arrival, we meet you at the international airport and help you check in your city hotel. On the last night, we host you for a farewell dinner before dropping you at the airport for your flight back home.
    • 24 hour support during your travel, we are based here in Africa andprovide you with a 24-hour contact person during your trip in Africa, we are always steps ahead of you to ensure a hustle free safari experience.
    • Safety; we only suggest accommodations and locations that we have experienced and most of all, that are safe.
    • Certified guides, all our guides are certified guides with a minimum of a Guides’ bronze certification.
    • Excellent land cruisers, for all our drive safaris, we only use land cruisers which are in excellent condition and come complete with; a cooler boxes, invertors and have a pop up roof. This ensures that your safari experience is as wild as you want it to be!


At Binti, we are intentional about making your safari in Africa memorable!


Hallmarks of Binti Safaris


  • Authentic African; We are a Kenyan owned company. Though many of our employees have international exposure in different continents, all employees have been born and raised in Africa.
  • Indigenous and Professional travel advice, at Binti, be assured that your travel consultant is one who has grown in the backyard of the parks in Africa, thereby sharing with you indigenous knowledge of our land. We take time to listen to your travel interests and are able to competently advise you before you book your journey, then help you make the right decisions about your trip.
  • Highly skilled professionals; Binti employs highly skilled professionals, top experts in their field. All of the employees have a degree in Tourism related courses.  The Directors at Binti have worked in different sectors in the Tourism industry thereby giving Binti a rich mix of Tourism related knowledge. 
  • Community participation; we believe in giving back to the community and we have partnered with two such institutions (read more on our Objectives).


Vision, mission, values and objectives of Binti Safaris



By 2022, to offer a Binti Safaris All-in-one product; a comprehensive package that will entail; our own chain lodges, aircrafts, Land cruiser fleet and a regional Tourism University.



By 2015, to be the leading authentic Kenyan owned Tour operator offering high end, luxurious tailor made safaris seamlessly to the whole of East and Southern African countries.



  • To our guests, ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • To our employees, to create and nurture a healthy, exuberant, respectful, and enjoyable working environment.



To our leads and guests;

  • Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time

To our partners

  • To work closely with Eco lodges that promote environment sustainability as well as local community participation.

For our employees;

  • We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the short and long term.
  • To fairly remunerate employees for their work and effort.



Binti team

We are a Kenyan owned and run company. The Directors at Binti have worked in different sectors in the Tourism industry thereby giving Binti a rich mix of Tourism related knowledge. Many of our employees have international exposure in different continents thereby have a deep understanding of different cultures. Furthermore and most importantly, Binti employs highly skilled professionals, top experts in their field. All  of the employees have a degree in Tourism related courses.

***** Full document layout in Binti team word doc


Why the name ‘Binti’


“BINTI” is the Swahili name for daughter. In Africa, it is evident to tell a home that has a daughter, it simply glows!!! There is always the aroma of savory foods emanating from the kitchen, the home and every other detail has a more tasteful charm nurtured by gentleness.A daughter in Africa matures under the watchful eye of the community and family. She learns quickly and becomes virtuous in tending; from gardening, shopping in the market, cleaning, cooking, setting the table…she becomes a master in it!

For her age; she is strong to overcome challenging situations yet easy to adapt to changing times.For her gender; she is adapted well to multitask and to notice the greater detail and intricacies of her duties.Amongst her peers; she challenges ideologies to be the one standing tall.Most importantly, to visitors in her home; she is the one who sits last at the dinner table after everyone’s needs have been taken care of……that’s BINTI!

This is precisely what Binti safaris guarantees our treasured guests, all the details of their trip; from the moment  they set foot  on African soil, until we escort them to the airport for their departure back home, they needn’t have a worry. It’s a chic company, it’s the power of an all-Girlscompany,we look through all the tiny safari details to ensure all our guests nothing but a memorable safari

Binti Safaris arguably offers the most personalized travel service a guest to Africa can everexperience.