At Binti Safaris, all our trips are tailor-made to fit into your travel needs. We aim to help you to make the right decisions about your journey to Africa, and then to organize a trip that suits you perfectly. We believe that every one of our guests is unique in his or her interests and expectations of a trip to Africa.

We cater for a wide range of travellers;

For the honeymooner we have itineraries that would make any honeymoon sweet, spicy and oh yes….  We have added all nice things!  We know you want to enjoy each and every bit of your honeymoon without been rushed, therefore your itineraries are well paced allowing you to enjoy each safari encounter with your lover. All the locations included are off beat locations to allowing you more intimate encounters.  To spice things up, all the locations included in your itineraries are some of the most dramatic locations with stunning sceneries which will allow you to enjoy some of the most romantic sunsets, bush dinners under the stars or bush breakfast by a river bank.  To sweeten your itinerary, the accommodations used are luxurious yet small and intimate, and with private plunge pools …… simply speaking, we are just making sure that we maintain all things as; sugar, spice and all things nice!!!

For couples, celebrating an anniversary or just seeking some time out together, we have itineraries set to bring back the spark.  In your itineraries we include various locations where the two of you can enjoy various activities; game drives, Bush walks, Horse riding,…… all the activities you would never do at home and get the excitement going . The pace is just right to allow you to enjoy a myriad of activities in the locations, not forgetting each other. The accommodation choices will allow for interactions with other couples.



For Families, The trickiest thing about a family safari is the fact that the children can dictate all activities of the safari at the expense of the parents. For family itineraries, we ensure that both the parents get to enjoy their rest and relaxation and the kids get as maximum fun as they can and just as well enjoy shared family activities. More importantly, these itinerary are educational especially for the children, let kids see the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, see the beauty of the flamingoes on Lake Nakuru, get to visit a local Samburu village in Lewa and finally sum it all up in a classical game drive in the all famous Masai Mara, home to the wildebeests migration. Theseitinerariesare the most exciting, memorable safari a family will ever take.

For Friends, Fun is the reason friends would want to travel together. For friends, we make sure we keep the energies going and the excitement rising to higher levels to give you the ultimate getaway! The Itineraries provides room for adventure, exploration and pure discovery.  The locations chosen are  also off beaten ensuring very memorable encounters.




Special safaris. With the ever increasing need for special safaris out of the traditional ‘Bush and Beach’,  we have captures some ‘out-of-the-ordinary-safaris’ in our Signature collections that would ranging from;Sailing Safaris, Fishing Safaris, Helicopter Safaris, Horseback Safaris, Walking Safaris, Golfing safaris, Mountaineering, The Primates safari (trekking the Chimpanzees and Gorillas), Cruising Safaris , the pure adventure-adrenaline safari and last but not least the ‘Royalties’ safaris’.