COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is the world’s leading independent research institute for information, training, quality assessment, research, and consulting relating to the Chinese outbound tourism market. The Institute has its head office in Heide (Germany) and Chinese offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. COTRI cooperates closely with international organizations such as UNWTO, PATA and ETOA and works for destinations, organizations and companies all over the world, which aim to understand, adapt to and talk with the Chinese outbound tourism market.

COTRI has built up a ground-breaking model to successfully achieve this goal: a global network system of COTRI Country Partners. This already covers 35 countries and regions around the world, combining the experience and research abilities of COTRI’s offices in Europe and China with the local knowledge and networks for the provision of customized services.

Since 2013 the COTRI Country Partner (CCP) for Kenya is Binti Safaris.

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