COTRI Quality Products

Quality Labels   CTW – ‘Chinese Welcome Training’.

The question we asking you is, Are You Ready for Chinese International Travellers?

A rapidly increasing section of the Chinese outbound source market, the “New Chinese Tourists”, is willing to spend more if they get reliable and sustainable high quality services according to the specific Chinese customs, values, and demands. Therefore it becomes increasingly important for all kind of international tourism stakeholders to improve and adapt products and services offered to the interests of their Chinese customers, improve their image as “Welcoming Chinese” company, organization or destination and raise their visibility in the Chinese market.

COTRI has developed different services to support companies and cities and their tourism service providers working with Chinese visitors. The CTW Labels identifies the company or cities as offering specific services at high quality as perceived by Chinese visitors. The COTRI Quality labels allow you to;

Adapt Offer – Gain Visibility – Raise awareness – Attract Chinese Tourists

CTW – ‘Chinese Welcome Training’

This program delivers online and face-to-face training to hotels, attractions, retailers, tour operators, destinations and anyone else needing help for their front-line staff in welcoming Chinese visitors.

There are three stages;


Stage One: Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host

Are You Ready for Chinese International Travellers?


  • Provides individuals deep insights into the development of China´s outbound tourism and the expectations and need of Chinese tourists in Kenya.
  • Successful online or offline participants acquire the status of Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host.



Stage Two: Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Label

Show the world your company is ready for Chinese customers.


  • Enables companies or organizations of all sizes to analyze their current products and services with regard to their suitability for Chinese travellers and to develop an action plan for improvement.
  • Successful applicants receive the Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Label.



Stage Three: Chinese Tourist Welcome Destination Label

Is your county ready for Chinese International Travellers?


  • Puts a whole city or region on the world map as a place welcoming Chinese visitors.
  • Destination Marketing Organisations of cities and regions which are home to CTW certified tourism service providers can apply for the Chinese Tourist Welcome City Label.