COTRI Research

Together with COTRI, Binti Safaris  can offer our clients customized research in China (and outside China), in four different ways:

Customized research services Example description
Text analysis Content analysis of bestselling guide books and online travel guides with regard to the image of a company/destination in these publications
Data mining Finding and translating relevant current discussions of a company/destination within Chinese social media and blog discussions
Focus groups Organizing focus group(s) in one or several cities in China with Chinese travelers who have been in a destination before. For example talk about their perception and image of the destination
Expert interviews Interviewing Chinese outbound tour operators about the image of a destination among their clients

Prices are negotiable according to each customer specific requirements.  The following rates, should be an indicator:

Service description Approximate rates
Basic service without focus group 5,000 – 10,000 Euro
Fuller service including focus group 10,000 > Euro

COTRI latest numbers on COT development and forecast are: Jan-Sep 2013 (72.6 million border-crossings) and forecast until June 2014 (106 million border-crossings).