CTW (Chinese Tourist Welcome ) Quality Host.

Are You Ready for Chinese International Travellers?

  • Provides individuals deep insights into the development of China´s outbound tourism and the expectations and need of Chinese tourists.
  • successful online or offline participants acquire the status of Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host

The CTW Training Programme provides participants from travel, tourism, hospitality and retailing sectors worldwide with the required knowledge on how to cater for Chinese visitors according to their expectations, preferences and needs. Successful participants acquire certification as Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host.

The CTW Training Programme certification can be done by individual participants worldwide in two different ways:

  • Online training

Online training programme (in English)

The fee for the participants to obtain the online training is 175 €.

  • Face-to-face training

Workshop offered by COTRI Country Partners in different countries around the world as an in-house training. COTRI will provide you with an estimated fee based on previous experience and market requirements for a two day face-to-face training. COTRI receives a fee of 25 €per participant for issuing Chinese Tourist Welcome Host certificate to successful participants.

How can the CTW Training Programme help you? Your benefits; CTW Quality Hosts enjoy the following benefits:


  • Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host certification

Visibility and brand awareness

  • Name, contact details and business affiliation on COTRI´s Chinese language website WelcomingChineseTourists.cn and china-outbound.com
  • Further promotion on COTRI´s Chinese Social Media channels, communication and PR services


  • Insights into the current Chinese outbound tourism situation
  • One month free access to the online training programme Are You Ready For Chinese International Travellers? on china-outbound.com and to COTRI´s online library ChinaTourismFacts.com (worth 60 Euros)

First step to obtain the CTW Quality Label