Wholesome kinfolk getaway

The trickiest thing about a family safari is the fact that the children can dictate all activities of the safari at the expense of the parents. In this special customized safari, a wholesome family getaway, we ensure that both the parents get to enjoy their rest and relaxation and the kids get as maximum fun as they can and just as well enjoy shared family activities. 

As we know that travelling with children would need more pampering, it’s also a luxury safari, with ideally picked accommodations that have all the modern amenities, but also well trained guides who will make this trip, an educational one especially for the kids. In this special African bespoke safari, the children will learn how to make African bows and arrows, learn how to aim for a kill, learnt to read the different footprints and droppings of animals, the younger boys can get to heard cattle with the local boys while the younger girls can learn how to make jewellery! It’s the whole authentic cultural experience in Africa!

A tailor-made safari can be developed from this to suit your travel needs.