Sport Fishing on the East African coast is not only exiting offering tones of opportunity to catch big game, but is also unique in that it allows one to combine big game fishing with big game safari. can take place in Kenya;, in Tanzania; Zanzibar, Mafia

Kenya has long been a great Sport Fishing destination, having hosted such great adventurers as Ernest Hemmingway and has in the recent past become a superb sport fisher’s destination offering a variety of big game including; marlin (black, blue & stripped), sword fish, yellowfin tuna, broadbill, giant trevally, kingfish, sailfish and smaller game fish including; wahoo, barracuda, dorado, rainbow runner. Sport fishing along the Kenyan coast takes place in, Malindi, Watamu, Lamu, Manda bay and Kiwayu.

The waters between Zanzibar and Pemba what is known as the Pemba Channel, are the dwelling place of possibly some of the best big game fishing anywhere in the world. Pemba has even been visited by Sport fishing greats such as Billy Pate – one of the world’s top fly fisherman and holder of 110 fly records.

The opportunities for big game catches are endless! If you are looking for more virgin ground then Mafia Island which is further south of Zanzibar, is a great place to venture. Possible catches in this area will include Wahoo, Barracuda, Giant Trevalli and Kingfish.

With the growing popularity of sport fishing on the waters of the East African Coast, experienced skippers and better sport fishing vessels are easily available.