Binti Introduces Kenya…

Kenya is truly a land of extremes, one where deserts border snow-capped mountains. In its 580,000km sq radius it manages to contain sprawling savannah plains, miles of clear coastal waters, the 2nd tallest mountain in Africa, the Great Rift Valley and Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh-water lake. This is only the beginning.

It is home to the adventurer, who wants experience the real Africa. In one of the 7 national parks, you will encounter the big five, catch a glimpse of a wild kill and marvel at the wildebeest migration on a ballooning safari over the Maasai Mara National park. If you are looking for a bird watching destination, Kenya also rates as one of the top five destinations in the world. Challenge yourself and take the tough climb up Mt Kenya where it was believed God resided himself. You will not regret it.

Meanwhile for that person seeking some rest and relaxation, there are endless pristine beaches to lay by.  Amidst sun bathing, take cultural tours into the Swahili old towns at the coast that reflect historic civilization far beyond belief. Drive along the Great Rift Valley leisurely stopping at Lake Nakuru to view the pink blankets of flamingoes. Visit the pristine tea plantations in Kericho as you drive to the west in search of serenity at the slopes of the forested Mt Elgon home to the cave Elephants.

There are a million reasons to come to Kenya. Imagine a country that houses up to 42 tribes, each with a unique way of life. The country pulsates with deep timeless cultures that date back to the foundations of the earth. Did you know that Kenya has the oldest remains of human life housed in the Nairobi national museum?

The capital Nairobi is uniquely urban and full of energy and yet in so many ways still rural, surviving like a small town. The metaphor of Nairobi (the place of cool waters) can only be unraveled by experience.

 Welcome to magical Kenya