Arusha is a major town with a backyard suited for kings. It is surrounded by Tanzania’s most famous landscapes and national parks. Up in the hills there are numerous flower farms and hundreds of coffee plantations. Crystal clear streams tumble from the mountain tops, villagers plough fields with oxen and the air is crisp and clear. In the midst of the coffee plantations, old homesteads perch atop hills with spectacular views. The guest cottages in these coffee plantations are the perfect place to stay for your first night in Tanzania. You can relax in the gardens, ramble in the foothills and always enjoy a fresh cup of coffee straight from the farm with your breakfast in the morning.

The town is at the foot of Mt. Meru and offers commanding views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. In the past, the town had mainly served as a base for the northern circuit safaris, most of which begin at Arusha. Bustling and vibrant, the streets are filled with 4X4 game viewing vehicles criss-crossing the pot-holed roads. Masai warriors in full regalia stroll around, mingling with tourists in crisp khaki, fresh off the plane from Europe or the United States.

For the brave hearted, begin your safari with a tough 4 day climb of Mt. Meru, the 5th highest peak in Africa. As you climb you will get a taste of what your safari will behold as you climb alongside giraffes, zebras and buffalo.

For a cultural experience we can arrange cultural excursions to nearby villages. These cultural visits turn out to be some of the most rewarding parts of your time in Arusha and your trip as a whole. The cultural element involved complements an animal-centric safari to the game parks providing many opportunities to learn about the Maasai and Meru tribes who live nearby, pastoralism, agriculture, stories & legends, local economies.

Lastly, be sure to visit one of the Indian restaurants in town and you will begin to imagine yourself in Dehli. As the town has a very heavy Indian influence the best food in town is Indian. Also be sure to try Tanzanian ‘Nyama Choma’ (char-grilled goat meat) for a real taste of Africa.

Welcome to Arusha!

 About Arusha                                                                                                                                                                  

-Area: 83 sq km (52 sq miles).

-Location: Northern Tanzania, Arusha Region


How to get there                                                                                                                                                                     

-International flights into Kilimanjaro Airport (40 min drive to Arusha town)

-Domestic flights to Arusha airport in Arusha town

-Buses from Nairobi, Dodoma and Dar-Es-Salaam


What to do                                                                                                                                                                      


Climb Mt.Meru, visit Arusha national park, village excursions, visit coffee plantation, city & market tours


When to go                                                                                                                                                                   

-Accessible all year round.