November 2013-World Travel Market

 London at WTM 2013’s China Outbound Tourism Workshop: “Successfully Attracting Sophisticated Chinese Travellers: Best Practice Examples from Around the World”.

During WTM World Travel Market 2013 in London the China Outbound Tourism Workshop: Successfully Attracting Sophisticated Chinese Travellers: Best Practice Examples from Around the World on Wednesday, 6th November, 2013, 15:00-18:00 h in Seminar Room South S4 offers the latest insights and forecasts by the leading experts in the field in outbound tourism and investment and practical advice from professionals from different countries. The workshop is jointly presented by COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, CBN China Business Network, ICTP International Coalition of Tourism Partners and C.O.M.I. China Outbound Market Intelligence magazine.

The workshop was attended by over a hundred people, confirming the great attention that China is enjoying as the No. 1 international tourism source market.

However, Prof. Arlt pointed out, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. Numbers are growing, with August 2013 reported as the best ever month, seeing, for example, more than 110,000 arrivals in Switzerland and more than 600,000 arrivals from China in Thailand, reaching the level of annual numbers for these destinations just a few years ago. Smaller destinations, like Mauritius, witness 100% or in some cases even greater growth rates as the “New Chinese Tourists” broaden their horizons in new locations.

In response, Prof. Arlt stated that many of the heavyweights in the tourism, transportation and retail industries, as also in the media, are starting to invest serious money and resources into the Chinese market, moving from a “passive” to an “active” mode. They have been making such moves in different fields, ranging from China-centric hospitality and cruise-shipping to shopping experiences, carefully adapted for a Chinese audience of growing sophistication.

Geoffrey Lipman, President of ICTP and former head of WTTC, reminded the audience that this breath taking development is taking place against a backdrop of a changing business growth model in China and is also propelled by the high levels of environmental problems in China. These push the affluent Chinese to international destinations which can offer green and clean environments.

Dr. Adam Wu, COO of CBN, could supply a lot of practical advice about the different ways of reaching the Chinese market and especially about the lucrative market of Chinese investors on the lookout for investment rather than relaxation when travelling abroad.

Three COTRI Country Partners, Kari Halonen from Finland, Claude Benard from France and Gary Grieve from England, presented best practice examples for training, consultancy and practical support in their respective regions. These along with Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and Adam Wu presentations can be downloaded from COTRI website under the following link: