The Obama tour; of humble beginnings to greatness, of birds and of the great lakes
Everyone has a beginning and so did Obama, now president of the Unites states of America. In this unique itinerary; ‘of humble beginnings to greatness, of birds and of the great lakes’We trace the steps to his local village and venture through some of the great locations on his route home. This Western circuit route is filled with ever changing and fascinating sceneries.   Read more



Honeymooners;  sugar, spice and all things nice
As we selected this itinerary we thought of all safari components that would make any honeymoon sweet, spicy and oh yes…. added all nice things! We know you want to enjoy each and every bit of your honeymoon without been rushed, therefore the itinerary is well paced allowing you to enjoy each safari encounter with your lover. All the locations included are off beat locations to allow more intimate encounters.   Read more



Couples Sample Safari Itinerary; two to tango
We realize that many couples can get stuck in running daily routines and miss out on many opportunities of having outdoor fun. In these Itineraries; ‘two to tango’ we have include various locations where the two of you can enjoy various activities; game drives, Bush walks, Horse riding,…… all the activities you would never do at home and get the excitement going. The pace is just right to allow you to enjoy a myriad of activities in the locations, not forgetting each other. The accommodation choices will allow for interactions with other couples.  read more


Friends Sample Safari Itinerary; F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Fun is the reason friends would want to travel together. In these itineraries; F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we make sure we keep the energies going and the excitement rising to give you the ultimate getaway! The route provides room for adventure, exploration and pure discovery. read more



Classical Sample Safari Itinerary; beasts n beaches

A safari to see the big 5, mammals and other lesser creatures is just what this Itinerary is all about. Get to visit the classical parks in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda well known for their density and diversity of game. If you are a 1st time visitor to any of these countries and want to see as much game as possible, these are your itinerary. read more



Family; wholesome kinfolk getaway

The trickiest thing about a family safari is the fact that the children can dictate all activities of the safari at the expense of the parents. In this wholesome kinfolk getaway we ensure that both the parents get to enjoy their rest and relaxation and the kids get as maximum fun as they can and just as well enjoy shared family activities. More importantly, this itinerary is educational especially for the children, let kids see the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, see the beauty of the flamingoes on Lake Nakuru, get to visit read more