Binti Introduces Uganda… The Pearl of Africa!

In 1907 Winston Churchill, one of the pioneer visitors to Uganda called it the pearl of Africa. It is all you would want to see in Africa wrapped up and condensed into one tiny package. This little country is the source of the mighty Nile River, it is home to the largest mountain range the Ruwenzori Mountains, it houses the majestic mountain gorillas and offers dramatic landscapes from wherever you look.

Begin your journey in Uganda at Jinga, the source of the nile, where you find some of the best white water rafting in the world. Head on to the capital Kampala, a feisty city where interestingly the population of motorcycles is higher than that of cars. Here you will experience the cosmopolitan Ugandans, who have a serious love for partying, so join in the good times!

Head over the Queen Elizabeth national park to catch a glimpse of lions and then down to the Murchison falls to watch elephants getting all watered up. Further down by the Rwanda border you will arrive at the Bwindi Impenetrable national Park, here you will encounter the mountain gorillas by day and spend your nights around bonfires gazing at the star studded clear skies. As you trek through the rainforests that can only compare to your fantasies of Tarzan, you will eventually find the gorilla families, so similar to us human that it is something we promise you can never get used to.

If you have imagined Africa to be wild, rugged and green, in Uganda you will see it. If you imagined Africa to be home to one of a kind wildlife again in Uganda you will find it. If you imagined Africa to be a place bursting with culture, music and dance once again welcome to the pearl of Africa.